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Canadian Pardon Application Services

specializes in helping everyday Canadians seal their public records of criminal charges and convictions, so they can live life to the fullest.

Record Suspension (Pardon)

At Canadian Pardon Applications, we employ a team of legal experts and administrative professionals who specialize in quickly and accurately completing the application process for a record suspension. We work closely with the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), local police detachments, and the Parole Board of Canada to conduct the required record checks, case research, and court record searches.


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Record Destruction (Expungement)

At Canadian Pardon Applications, our legal and administrative representatives have years of experience handling the record destruction process. We work with police detachments and other relevant organizations to access the required information and accurately complete the record destruction. From verifying the arresting police detachment and learning their file destruction policies to making certain that your records are removed from the Canadian Police Information Centre database and your Fingerprint Number is destroyed.

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Rehabilitation Certificate

We work directly with certified Canadian rehabilitation service providers to assist you in attaining a rehabilitation certificate. We arrange your telephone appointment with the rehabilitation centre who will issue an official certificate at the end of your telephone call. This certificate will be used as a supporting document to advance your claim to the Parole Board of Canada and/or U.S Homeland Security that you have no likelihood to re-offend.

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US Entry Waiver

At Canadian Pardon Applications, we have the expertise and knowledge required to produce a strong US Entry Waiver application that will likely be accepted by U.S. Homeland Security and approve an individual for entry. Our team uses extensive legal experience to determine your specific needs and help you prepare and compile the most relevant supporting documents.

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A criminal record should not be a sentence to a lifetime of restrictions and limitations.

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One Of Our Pardon Experts Will Contact You Within 24 Hours

Free Consultation

One Of Our Pardon Experts Will Contact You Within 24 Hours