Canadian Pardon Application Services assists individuals to process and complete several kinds of applications that include, but are not limited to; a Canadian Criminal Record Suspension, Record Expungement, File Destruction, U.S. Entry Waivers, U.S. Visas, Canadian Rehabilitation Entry Permits, and a Canadian Passport. DPW does not offer or provide legal advice. Canadian Pardon Application Services is a private company that serves as an intermediary agent between, among others, the Parole Board of Canada, Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Services, Canada Border Services Agency, Passport Canada, Canadian Police detachments, RCMP, FBI, United States Police Detachments, Provincial Courts, United States Courts, and other government agencies.


Failure to contact Canadian Pardon Application Services in a timely manner may result in the cancellation of an Applicant’s file in which case any eligible and refundable portion of payments made is forfeited. Canadian Pardon Application Services service fees are set strictly in relation to the preparation of all documents and consulting and are not related to the court record disposition, disbursements, or to the number of charges and/or convictions an Applicant may have. Mailing expenses, photocopying, printing, long-distance, office supplies, administrative fees, etc. are at the expense of Canadian Pardon Application Services. An Applicant will be required to pay any additional costs for separate government fees (if applicable) such as fingerprinting fees, RCMP record searches, court record dispositions, court fees, local police record checks, Parole Board of Canada submission fees, US Department of Homeland Security fees, or any other local, provincial or federal government fees. All of the aforementioned fees are neither set nor governed by Canadian Pardon Application Services and subject to change without notice by the agent or entity associated with those fees.

Canadian Pardon Application Services agrees to complete all work in an expeditious and timely manner, however, Canadian Pardon Application Services cannot extend any timeline guarantees with respect to government agencies that we correspond with in order to process and complete applications for any product or service available from Canadian Pardon Application Services. Therefore, Canadian Pardon Application Services cannot guarantee any timeline for application results. Any estimated or quoted processing timelines provided are approximations and are dependent on the government agencies involved in the process. It is the applicant’s responsibility to notify Canadian Pardon Application Services immediately upon any address, phone number, contact information, legal name change, and the expiration of identification information which changes during Canadian Pardon Application Services’ involvement in an Applicant’s file or files. Should any extra disbursements arise as a result of negligence on an Applicant’s part to notify Canadian Pardon Application Services of any correspondence changes, or failure to report a change in an Applicant’s situation, an Applicant may be responsible for the fees involved in correcting the misinformation.